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LCA 2015

insert content here after LCA when something resembling sanity returns

Hardware Freedom Day


Arduino Course

Links and information for the Arduino Course.


Teaching Programming to kids with my latest favourite toy, the Raspberry Pi. Schedule



I have received a grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation which I intend to use to bring Raspberry Pis to schools.

So, anyone have a spare smart-phone charger or two?


In 2010 my kids school acquired some Lego Mindstorm kits. They needed a geek to help run some activities for the kids, so I volunteered.

I ended up taking a bunch of classes on various topics from online privacy to railguns.

It was so much fun I kept going.

This wiki started out on my laptop as a way of organising the sessions. It's now online, hopefully a useful resource to others wanting join up or do something similar.

I gave a talk on this project at Linux Conf Australia 2012 which is up on Youtube.


Some instructions and hints on how to do this yourself.


More ramblings on why I do this (and why I'm hoping others will join).


List of all the sessions run so far.


List of all the classes so far.

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