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BOM (keeping it simple, only 3 suppliers):

Raspberry Pi Element 14, $40
Power Supply $19 + GST 1.2A
USB cable $3.30 each for 25+ Could get cheaper, but 1.8m might be needed.
Case $5 3 pounds + shipping
16G class10 SD card MSY, $15 16G Sandisk SD cards working well.
3m HDMI to DVI cable MSY, $7 Adapter is only $5 but might put more strain on the connector on the board.


Badges $4 iron-on badges, COOL!


Case $5 to $14+ Adelaide MakerLab are planning on printing these for $5.
Batterypack $59.95 Alternative to PSU
Case $8.50 each for 20+ Printed cases would be cool, but geeping things simple for now
Misc Lots of stuff here. adafruit in the US, need to get a local one or pay for shipping.
$22 Element 14 plugpack 1A USB-A socket